“WHere did the year go?” Slide Jam and Shop Party hosted by Xtreme Boardshop

February 26, 2012

Ok, so we knew that the event would be rad. We have always been fans of Xtreme Boardshop and the way they do things but the event ended up being more fun than we expected.

The mountain runs in the morning to the shop party after the slide jam. Skating of all kinds went down. The slide jam was technically the main event but we went for the party of course.

The slide jam was not a contest but rather a big bro down jam. Everyone having fun and killing it. Tickets were handed out for rad moves which were saved for the product give away at the shop. The slide jam ended when the piggies showed up. One by car and one by helicopter. “Vacate the area immediately, this is your final warning” could be heard blaring from the helicopter. The thing even had sirens!

We all headed back to the shop and it wasn’t long before Will got back with plenty of pizza for everyone. After everyone finished stuffing their faces full of pizza and soda it was time for the product toss. Everyone got their tickets they received earlier out and hoped to hear their numbers called as decks, wheels, shirts, more decks, more shirts, hundreds of stickers, footstops, all the sponsor product you could thing of was passed out through the raffle.

After that more pizza was eaten and footage from the day was reviewed. The flat bar was set up outside the shop and slowly people started heading home as the sun went down. All in all it was a great day. Thanks to Will and Xtreme Boardshop for everything! – Leecifer

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