So Cal Skateshop Sketchy Slide jam and Mini Ramp Battle

May 15, 2012

Hiking to an abandoned road nestled in the hills of southern Orange County the sketchiness was already happening with kids jumping, grinding, sliding and crashing. With a great view of Saddleback Mountain and overlooking the busy freeway with cars speeding in both directions off to some important event in their lives, oblivious to the event going on in the hills above them we busted out the camera to capture some of the memorable moments.

The hill had a few features set up which included Wyatt Gibb’s kicker ramp, another ramp made by Gravity Skateboards and a round bar rainbow rail that was steep and short. To add to the sketchiness after a few kids got stung a beehive was discovered at the top of the hill. The sides of the road were over grown with spiky weeds taller than me for the most part and they seemed to find a way to use those to their advantage with gaps over them and shit.

After hiking back to the cars we headed over to the shop for a Bar-B-Q and to shred the shop’s mini ramp. With some rest and stomachs full, some missing faces and some new faces kids were bouncing off the walls and dropping in one after another after another. It was overall a great time and many disciples of skating were shown. We even saw Elijah Vinograd’s head get unscrewed with a wrench skateboard.

The day ended with these troopers winning some shwag.

King of the Jam- Wyatt Gibbs

Gnarliest Crash- Danny Ronsen

King of the Hill- Andrew Schumaker

King of the Ramp- Some shredder doing epic wallrides seen in the pics and video.

Burliest skater- Justin Beavers

Runner Up- Nicolas Escamilla

Elijah Vinograd- Best Style

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