SDDRL # 44 “The Other Side”

August 13, 2012

Edit By: Leecifer Eisler

Filmed by: Tye Donelly, Leecifer Eisler, joel Smith, Vin Bone

Music By: The Expendables

Song: Party at the Moontower


This SDDRL (San Diego Downhill Racing League) was fun, as they always are, but each SDDRL creates a new and exciting story and this was no different. The hill was on the other side of the mountain from the other hills we race and it was unraceable and hardly even rideable a few months ago. Thanks to Tye and the city the rough dirty left was patched, repaired and was actually the smoothest section of the race track.

The race began on a smooth little downslope where riders would take a sharp right and start speed tucking as they slowly and gradually picked up speed as they flowed through some floaty wide lefts and rights. Riders then hit a little left that dropped down giving riders a little extra boost of speed, they swooped back to the right passing the shaded spectating area and then swooped through another left to a downhill drop where riders hit the finish line at speeds that I would guess to be around 40 mph after the very last drop.

The road was awesome, it was a hot but beautiful day and the scenery of the road was amazing. The humidity had everyone dripping sweat and the racing was close and tight. I watched photo finish after photo finish fly through the finish line. The end of the race never means the end of the awesome day at an SDDRL, but it does mean podiums are about to happen.

Open Class

1st- Drew Edwards

2nd- Max Capps

3rd- Nathan Marton


Grom Class

1st- Judson Vandertoll

2nd- Shamar Jackson

3rd- Danny Ronsen

After podiums were done the crew continued on to friends of SDDRL that lived in the area. A slide session and battle was held on their sweet driveway which we raced at SDDRL #32 Bombing Party after getting kicked off the church run. A pool party awaited at the house which was much needed after a hot, sweaty exhausting day of racing. Everyone had a blast and we can’t wait for full moon fever happening August 31! See you all there! – Leecifer


Huge thanks to Edge Boardshop for helping us get there!

Thanks to all the sponsors Gravity Skateboards, Never Summer Industries, Skater Socks, Globe Shoes, Dekline Shoes, Abec 11, Seismic, Wheelbase Magazine, Holesome, Rayne Longboards, Pig Wheels, Khiro Hard Core, So Cal Skateshop and Edge Boardshop.


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