SDDRL # 38 “A New Beginning”

February 26, 2012

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Gloomy sky’s, a very  small group of people and a drying road is what we arrived to. The sun began drying the road and more and more people began showing up as we took practice runs.

The day rolled on and and more and more people showed up. “Are you gonna take a spill on the hill today Spencer?” I asked. “No Lee,” he replied.”

Sergio Yuppie, Johnny Miller and several of the Gravity Skateboards dude showed up either for the race or the synchronized slide jam.

As the light rainfall soaked the road again everyone decided to wait for the road to dry again. It took about 45 mins and then the race was on. Starting from the top heats were run and riders were weeded out the fast from the slow.

Yudy Vinograd the skateboard towmaster provided rides up the hill in his Toyota Tundra. Good choice in rims by the way Yudy!

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