SDDRL # 37 “Road Signs”

January 23, 2012

Edit and filmed by: Leecifer Eisler

It was a cloudy cold morning and we all met up at the Poway Skatepark. I showed up expecting to skate the skatepark. I was not the only one but we found the skatepark to be closed due to wet conditions from the rain the day before. We shredded around the parking lot until Darrin Neiner showed up and led the caravan of cars of skaters to the secret location.

We all showed up ready to shred and as soon as everyone was parked skaters were hiking the hill. It wasn’t long until signups were over and the race was underway. Heats were being run in an efficient and timely matter and there were tons of racers. The road was secluded from where we could be seen and there were no problems with the race getting shut down.

The speeds of the road were around 30 mph, maybe 35 and it ended in riders either foot braking or shut down sliding into the cold de sac at the end of the road a ways past the finish line.

There wern’t many turns in the road and it was definitely a tuck run. There were many close heats and lots of drafting. The open class final heat was one of the most exciting heats I have seen. Max Capps and Ben Hryn came towards the finish line with a good lead on the rest of the finals heat. Hryn tried luge bumping Capps several times. You could hear the riders colliding on their way to the finish line, each one struggling to beat the other one down the hill. On the last hit Hryn hit Capps to the side forcing him to narrowly miss some sandbags on the side of the road.

Open Class

1st- Max Capps

2nd- Ben Hryn

3rd- Tim Del Rosario

4th- Aj Haiby

Groms (14 & under)

1st- Roger Jones

2nd- Ethan Vinograd

3rd- Elijah Vinograd


Huge thanks to all the sponsors who help support SDDRL. Gravity Skateboards, Rayne skateboards, globe shoes, Skater socks, Gunmetal Trucks, Holesome Longboards, pig skate, khiro bushings, edge boardshop and so cal skateshop.


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