SDDRL # 36 “Lessons Learned”

December 30, 2011

Edit By: Lee Eisler

Filmed by: Lee Eisler & Tyler Hampson

we got this SDDRL vibe going as we jam to Laguna Niguel, pick up Max and Tyler and start heading south. Such a familiar scene. The race was to be held in Vista, CA in a secret location. We all met up and caravaned to the race hill.

The actual race hill was described as gnarly, fast, fun, sketchy, everyone had a different opinion. The first part of the hill was mellow but then it dropped down a steep chute accelerating riders to speed in the upper 40’s mph. Riders then crossed the finish line and shot over a bump into the braking area.

It wouldn’t be an SDDRL day if all we did was race and then go home. Post race and pre-post race activities Tye worked the B-B-Q and everyone stuffed their faces.

Everyone gathered around Tye Donnelly as he described the Synchronized Slide Jam Contest. Teams of two were formed and everyone got ten minutes to practice their routine.

Team names such as “Butt-buddies,” “Thug Sauce,” and “Team Swag” were formed. We saw innovation and a lot of talent. Wyatt Gibbs and Chance Vinograd were killing it. The synchronized slide jam ended up being a hit, this is an event to look for in the future.

Anyways we all had tons of fun. Trophies and shwag from the sponsors was passed out and then we all went home tired and content. – Leecifer

Shout out to the sponsors! Thanks for all the support. Skater Socks, Rayne skateboards, Gravity Skateboards, Gunmetal Trucks, Khiro Bushings, Globe Shoes, Pig Wheels, Holesome Skateboards, Edge Boardshop, So Cal Skateshop.

We are all winners but the winners of the race are as follows.

Open Division

1st- Max Capps

2nd- Aaron Enns


Grom Division

1st- Roger Jones

2nd- Chance Vinograd

3rd- Elijah Vinograd


Masters Division

1st- Tye Donnelly

2nd- Darrin Neiner


Synchronized Slide Jam

1st- “Dream Team,” Wyatt Gibbs and Chance Vinograd


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Photo’s By: Lee Eisler

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