Freeway Series Renegade Roller Derby

April 29, 2012

Stepping into the arena, both teams doing warm up laps around the track and the spectators find their seat on the floor or on fold up chairs they brought.  Blue tape marked the track, but this is renegade roller derby. There aren’t really too many rules for the players to abide by and skaters often find themselves outside the blue tape. Spectators even find themselves in the crash zone some times.

I always seem to forget just how intense the matches are but after the first few minutes of big hits, pile ups, seeing girls get tripped kneed and elbowed I was quickly reminded.

The brutal pile ups are broken up by people known as the brawl breakers. Although I saw spectators and even a camera man breaking up the fights. (I watched as with his free hand he tried to pull one girl off the other and holding the camera in the other hand as it snapped away.)

The medics had their work cut out for them for the night and the fans got a great show. Both teams skated hard from the beginning until the end. The game ended with the Orange County Outlaws beating the Los Angeles Renegade Rollergirls with a score of 84-45.

The game has strategy and various moves maneuvers and strategy go into the game. There are two girls in front at the start line (one from each team) wearing a line on their helmets. They are known as he pace person. Then there are two girls in the back wearing stars on their helmets (also one from each team.) They are known as the jammers. Then everyone else is blockers (blocker 1, blocker 2, blocker 3). Every time the jammer (star on helmet) passes the pace setter (line on helmet) the team scores three points.

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Slammin' Sam
April 29, 2012 9:58 pm

Thank u guys so much for the pics & awesome video! ;)

Playfighting and baad roller derby – people still pay to see that?
Some of the worst roller derby I have ever seen.

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